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These are my own dogs these dogs are not for sale!

All of my breeding females have had their DNA as well as their eyes certified with Companion Animal Eye Registry (CAER) and hearts certified (OFA).

Upon request I will share this info with you.

****Due to Covid no eyes or hearts have been certified we hope this May we will be able to again.****

Peekaboo Piper Melody (Piper)

Miss Piper is a solid black Merle (she has her DNA and allergy panel done) She is by far the best mama ever. She will even mother animals that are not pups. She has to check every pup that any of the other dogs have at least a dozen times a day to make sure they are ok. She is kind and soft and so sweet. 

Whole Latta Carmella Kisses

Carmella is a Open Black Sable ACS

Carmella is a love bug, hates to make anyone upset and will love  on you with the kindest heart. She has a big heart and is by far our shyest girl. Her big brown eyes will melt anyone she meets and her never ending tail says how happy she always is. There is no doubt that she is a mama's girl, and I am ok with that. 

She has won the heart of all of my clients and has a few she loves so much she sits in their lap the whole time they are here. 

Iris in the Willows (Willow)

Willow was born June 1, 2019. She is brown and tan ACS and she came over from the Ukraine so she has both her UKU and AKC papers. She has had both allergy and DNA panel done.  We did conformation classes and with Covid hitting all of that was put on hold. Although she is beautiful it is a little late for her to show now. She is fun and spunky and LOVES to control the whole farm. I have to say she does charm her way into anyone's lap that she wants to. 

Seasmoke Never in Amelia Years (Amelia)

Miss Amelia is our newest member of the house. She is a Beautiful Blue Roan with tan Points. She still has to pass all of her DNA, eyes, heart and hips/knees ALL with high hopes with be done this year 2022 . We love and adore her already she is a true "farm girl", She is not to thrilled of car rides (with high hopes she will stop pooping every time she gets into a vehicle!) yet she loves to be near and will tolerate just about anything you throw at her to do.  

DLC Paisley Ann Pie (Paisley)

Miss Paisley is Solid Black Merle (taboo I know I know)  is owned by Michael Baker my fiancé, she is out of Piper and Gibbs. She LOVES her dad like no other and lives to be near him.  She accompanies him all over the farm and now to work, no matter the weather as well as into town for all his errands. She has a soft heart and seems shy but really is not. All who meet her love her. 

She currently has had her DNA and allergy panel done.

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